Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Another Donna Mauch Art Birdhouse

Spring/Summer 2016

Spring came, and it looked to me like the tree swallows who had nested in Donna Mauch's art birdhouse were back, and now last year's young as well as the adults were looking for a home here, and squabbling over the one birdhouse. So I called Donna to see if she was going to be at any art shows coming up, sure enough she was, and I went and picked out this birdhouse -- with spots for four bird families to nest. Donna said that the holes weren't the right size for tree swallows, according to her Audubon guidelines, and so she took it home, made the holes bigger, and delivered it in person to my houseboat.

Right away -- it might have been the next day -- the swallows began taking up residence in the house and I ended up with two sets of fledglings. Here's one gingerly peeking out. One of my neighbors was envious of the bird show and went and bought a birdhouse from Donna Mauch, too (You can reach her business, 2nd Site Yard Art and Furniture, at 503-312-5633.)

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