Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Three Coot-sketeers, or Muske-coots

January, 2017

Coots are not a bird I'd noticed hanging around the houseboats. But a few months ago, there was one regularly in the backwaters. Then, curiously, there were three that have been hanging out for weeks right outside my window. They are very charming, small birds with white beaks, and because the river is running fast and strong I see them bobbing their heads and seemingly using a lot of energy just to stay in (my) place. I have seen them eating moss from Courtney's swim float logs.

These three just hang around together all the time. Yesterday I saw a log come by with birds on it, and when I looked with binoculars, I saw it was the three coots, who floated past and hung on until the log bumped into Courtney's swim float and they flew off.

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