Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Oh, for an Oshatz Floating House

June 20, 2015

I signed up for "A Rare and Amazing Architectural Tour: Homes by Architect Robert Oshatz," a fundraiser for the Portland Chamber Orchestra. I had read a piece in the paper about the tour and swooned over the photos of curving ceilings and extraordinary shapes. I felt like I wanted to be in these places. The tour did not disappoint -- it was astounding. The four houses included Oshatz's own house, and a floating home called The Fennell Residence, in Sellwood along the Willamette River. The tour brochure described it as "The imaginative use of curved glue lam beams evoke the poetry of the ripples and contours of a river. The expansive glass facade embraces the river and frames the sunset. The curvilinear forms create spatial differentiation that enhances the experience of time as light plays through the daily and seasonal changes."

Visitors drove to the different houses and I happened to start and go on the same schedule as Oshatz, who was making an appearance at each house, so I was there and got to hear him talk about the houses and answer questions. The Fennell Residence was stunningly fabulous in its imaginative shapes, sweeping curves, open space inviting in the river views, and beautiful details.

View from the moorage walkway

From the outside deck 
Inside looking out 
From the inside loft area looking out to the river
Architect extraordinaire Robert Oshatz
The home's entranceway 

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