Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Memorial to the White and Gray Goose

Summer, 2016

This is my fifth summer here, and an everyday occurrence, whether one likes it or not, has been a visit from the pair of geese. No one knows where they came from, but they have been inseparable, a twosome, always together. They swim together. Rest on a log together. Stalk the walkway squawking at passers-by together. Begging for handouts together. Making a loud racket together.

Then suddenly people noticed the gray and white goose had disappeared. People saw the white goose seeming to hunt all over, along the shores, calling out for its companion. It never returned. We had no idea what happened to the goose, whether it died naturally or was killed by a motorboat or what.

The white goose for awhile was hanging out with a family of Canada geese, but as time passed, it ended up alone, and we see it alone daily now, a reminder of life changing and what we lose. This year has been full of many losses of people dear to me, and the lonely white goose is a reminder that we all must cope and adapt.

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