Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Tree Swallows in my Art Birdhouse--At Last

Summer, 2015

Years ago at Cracked Pots (my favorite of all the art shows I go to with everything uniquely made from recycled stuff) I bought an Art Birdhouse from artist Donna Mauch. It literally is an art birdhouse, made with old-fashioned tin watercolor sets, a paintbrush for a perch and a rake painted with moon and stars for a post. It is free-standing and I'd had it on the deck at my forest house, and then here at my riverhouse. No bird had every nested there. Then this year, came the tree swallows!

It was very exciting to watch the lovely blue-backed swallows come and go from the birdhouse right next to my outdoor table, entertaining me and all my guests. (Donna Mauch's business is called "2nd Site: Yard Art and Furniture" and she can be reached at 503-312-5633.)

The parent sits, watchful, on copper tube garden art by Jane Tivol

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